Final Bench Spot - poll

Looking for an upside WR for the final bench spot. 12 team standard league, options are:
Allison, Cole, DJ Moore, Ross, Mike Williams, Washington or Lockett?

100% Cole for me

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Over Allison the seeming number 2 for Rodgers with a poor packers D in a loaded NFC that means he’ll have to throw a whole lot for them to win? Over Cole the possible 1 In a bortles lead attack, elite D and run first approach in a weaker AFC as a whole?

I’d say I’m between the two of them but I lean Allison over Cole for the above? Talent wise I’d agree Cole I’m going on TD upside as well and surely Rodgers WR2 has to be owned right?

Allison should be the 3. I don’t typically see those receivers available that late in drafts, but it’d be Lockett for me. Just signed a new deal and he’s the true WR2 for Wilson. Don’t forget Baldwin is dealing with injury too

I am a Baldwin owner so he’s in the mix for sure. I see Allison as the 2 in 2 wide receiver sets and with Cobb in the slot in threes. Will wait for final cuts and if Cobb is gone via cut or trade then I’ll lean Allison if not I’ll take a view either Lockett or Cole

For a standard league I would personally go Mike Williams, Ross, or Cole. I think they have the biggest potential to blow up which is what I like to have on my bench

I like Cole the most as he is the only WR1 on his team out of the players you listed and he should get the bulk of the targets from Bortles.

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I think Rodgers’ comfort with Geronimo Allison is the reason for GB’s comfort with dangling Randall Cobb in a trade.

I really like Cole and think he will be the number 1 there, but I’d rather have a WR who has Aaron Rodgers throwing to him than Blake Bortles.

I say keep Geronimo.

Thanks for everyone’s takes, not a clear favourite but at least I’m on the right likes with the guys I’m looking at. I think Allison, Ross and Williams will go off or have the most potential to go off week 1 given their matchups and will make them the hot pick ups that first week so I think I’ll grab one of them. Cole if I can get him will be the next target once I’ve seen the jags offesne

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Garçon just got dropped for Morris, would you take a stab at him over the mentioned guys
(Allison, Cole, DJ Moore, Ross, Mike Williams, Washington or Lockett)? Could be the number one target for JimmyG?