Final day drama - has this happened to anyone else?

Hi clan so this is my first year with this league. 8 man with top 6 making playoffs. (2 byes etc).

All 6 teams vying for playoffs are level and playing each other in the final game week!! 8vs5 3vs4 and 6vs7 this weekend. There are various stipulations about who each teams need to win if they lose due to head to head!

Has this ever happened in your league?

Pretty tight group. 6 of 8? Man that’s a lot. My league of 4 of 12, LOL. Two more weeks for us and anything can happen but not like yours

Ye it’s a friend’s league set up with a lot of novices a couple of years ago. The idea was to keep people more involved at the business end of the season so they can get more involved. Were expanding next year so will be more in keeping with the norm.

In my league (10 team, non-PPR fractional scoring), 4 teams make the playoffs and 4 were fighting for the final two spots. The last team in and the first team out had the same record and were separated by .3 points, so one guy made the playoffs by 3 yards over the course of a 12 week season

we’ve had 3 way ties fighting for the final spot several years in a row.