Final Keeper Question

Need to decide who to keep between these Clement, Rudolph, Matt Ryan, and Robby Anderson. The other 6 I’m keeping (we can keep 7) are…

RB: Ingram, Foreman, and David Johnson
WR: Theilen, JuJu, and Marvin Jones

The league is 1 pt ppr. Changing to a dynasty league after this season.

my rule of thumb is never keep a QB or a TE, but this is basically a dynasty as it is. so im ok with keeping ryan or kyle. gun to my head i would choose kyle. with cousins going there i think he is a bargain right now. and the drop off for good TEs is much worse than it is for good QBs.

Clement is a good long-term pick in my opinion, but this year I think Ajayi will eat-up most of the carries.

Matt Ryan is super inconsistent, don’t do it.

Kyle and Robby would be my personal finalists. Personally I would choose the Cousins hype-train and go with Kyle Rudolph. Robby Anderson has a higher upside if the jets turn-out to be good. But I agree with BusterD about the drop-off with good tightends.

If the Jets don’t sign a big name WR and draft a good QB, Anderson could become a really solid WR2 with WR1 games, I say keep him as a flyer since you have a solid 6 other keepers.

Anderson may be the next Josh Gordon. And by that I mean booted out of the league with his bad decisions. I agree that Cousins likes his TE’s, especially around the red zone. Rudolph is no Reed of course, but still an important part of their offense.