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Final Rate My Team


Hey guys, sorry for posting a lot but my team is finally done and I wanted to know what a few of the experts thought of it. I’ve done lots of trading and lots of waiver wire signings but I think I’m finally done. Here it is.

QB: Andrew Luck
HB: Melvin Gordon
HB: Mike GIllislee
WR: Dez Bryant
WR: T.Y. Hilton
TE: Jack Doyle
WR: Doug Baldwin
D: Chiefs
K: Matt Prater
QB: Matthew Stafford
WR: Kenny Stills
WR: Mike Wallace
HB: Kenneth Dixon
HB: Robert Kelley
HB: Jonathan Stewart
TE: Coby Fleener

So go ahead and give my team a grade from F-A+

Personally I really like it I think that Dez and Doug sharing bye weeks is really problematic but aside from that, I really like it. Are there any trades I need to make?


you did pretty good, couple things ive noticed 3 colts and little sketchy at rbs. no one truly knows about NE yet although i like gilly this year myself. Dixon is suspended to start the year and with west and woodhead im not a huge fan of that pick.

Looking at it im not a huge fan of many of your bench picks especially if they are in order. stewart is nice grab late but hes your 2/3rd rb, not good in my eyes


Could you give more details about the league format,etc.?

First sight is a solid team, you are strong on QB and WR. On RB you depend on Gillislee’s performance for having a solid starting team, but I’m on board the gilltrain this season. You should try to make some trades to get stronger on RBs. I love your 3 stud WRs. Good job!