Final roster spot who to add?

12 team standard league, team below and I’m happy with it going into the playoffs. I’m 8-3 and locked in to 1st, 2nd or 3rd seed depending on how the next 3 matchups shake out (week 15 and 16 playoffs). Looking for the best final roster spot to use here, I missed Edwards and Adams from waivers today, I’ve got Josh Reynolds at the end of my bench now but the other options are:

Spencer Ware, Ito, Rod Smith, Duke, MVS, DJ Moore, Jack Doyle or roster a backup QB like Winston, Baker, Dalton or Lamar to cover Cam? Or just stick with Reynolds.

Current Team:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Jones, Cohen,
WRs - OBJ, Green, Allen, Miller, Reynolds
TE - Ertz
K - Bryant
DST - Broncos / Jags (Platoon streaming)

I’d go DJ Moore, but you look set either way.

Are you going schedule and opportunity in his instance? He was my top choice to be fair, i just wasn’t sure if i can ever trust a Cam and any WR stack and getting a piece or the Rams or Chiefs, (or Saints but none of them are left) seems to be as good a shout as it gets.

Oh Keke is in this mix as well for what it’s worth