Final trade before the deadline

Do I do this in my non-ppr league?

I Give Alfred Morris, Devante Parker
I Get AJ Green

My team after trade:
QB - Russel Wilson
WR - AJ Green, A. Thielen, D. Funchess
RB - L. Bell, J. Howard, K. Drake, E. Elliot
TE - T. Kelce
K - Greg the Leg
D - Stream

I would also probably pick up J. Mckissik with the open spot.

Based on my experience and after reviewing some rest of the season rankings, I think the deal is very good and would do it.

Instead of mckissick, you might think of getting Bell’s backup as a handcuff. I think that could be just as valuable if not more.

that was my fault I actually already have him. Just forgot to add him to my roster but definitely good advice thank you.

Absolutely do that trade. You certainly don’t need Alf, and AJ > Devante. plus you’ll still get Devante for this weeks juicy matchup