Final Trade Thoughts 3 for 3

Currently 2nd in my 10 team league. Full PPR. Starting Smith, Hunt, Kelce, so am very Chiefs dependent, which I don’t like. My other RB is Gordon. Landry and Tate as my WR, Robby Anderson or Ju Ju as flex. Stream Kickers and D. Just had this trade accepted:

Kelce - Tate - Goodwin

McCoy - Kelvin - Pratter (threw that in there just to make it 3 even)

Here was my reasoning: Yes I’m giving up two starters. Landry has consistently been WR1 for me this year, so I’m giving up my WR2 (Tate). Kelvin may fill that, if not I have Ju Ju and Robby A and even Jordy (if he picks it up). I am giving up Kelce but have Witten (not as good of course) or Kroft depending on matchup. In return in getting McCoy.

My team post trade and after this weeks bye, for the rest of season:

QB: Smith or Stafford
RB: McCoy
RB: Hunt
WR: Landry
WR: Kelvin/JuJu/Robby A/Jordy N
TE: Witten or Kroft
Flex: Gordon
Kick: Stream
D: Stream

I think its too much for really trying to get McCoy.

Kelce is a player that can win you a championship

I like it for you. Kelce is great but you have the TE depth to account for his loss. Picking up McCoy makes your team stronger in my opinion.