Finale Help!

QB: Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson (Both rostered) - Winston, Mariota on the awful wire

WR: Julio, Adams - locked in - Keenan (possible flex)
RB: Gordon (if good to go), Conner (if good), DJ (possible flex)

TE: Ian Thomas - (looking at Engram off waivers)
Kicker: Gostkowski
Def: Minn - Patriots, Browns and Colts are available or stick with Minn?

I have priority over my opponent - he knows I’m weak at TE and I feel he’s going to target Jamaal Williams for a flex play instead of Ingram (he has Zeke and Henry) - do I block Williams from him or use my priority for Engram? Vance, Herndon and Uzomah are also available. If I pick up Williams - would he be the plug in at the flex for me instead of DJ or Keenan??

Thanks guys and good luck to those who are in it!!!

Opponents current lineup


Bench: J Cook, Lockett, Howard, Ekeler, Foles

Go and get Jamaal Williams more valuable player, make sure he doesn’t get him.


I picked him and Engram up this morning. My opponent picked up Ballage.

Is Williams a better flex option than DJ or Keenan - if Gordon and Conner play they are must starts. Keenan I’m still worried about him just being a decoy if he plays.

I’m still undecided about playing Josh Allen or Lamar

Yeah without Cam Newton cannot trust DJ Moore, if your talking about David Johnson I’m not starting him to much inconsistency the offense is a shell. And we don’t know what’s going on with Keenan Allen he is more than likely going to be a game time decision according to Anthony Lynn

Play Josh Allen to me has gained a trust and connection with Robert Foster I don’t trust the Ravens passing offense with Lamar the play calling has to be dim downed with Lamar just like RGIII without a cannon of an arm.

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Yea I meant David Johnson. I think I’m leaning

Josh Allen
Julio (hope they don’t shut him down)
D. Adams
Jamaal Williams
Keenan if he plays…if not, DJ - guess I’ll see how things look tomorrow.

Conner is out so that clears that up.

Thanks for your input guys - good luck to any of you still in it

Bump, so Keenan looks like he’s playing. Do I trust him? Or do I strart D. Johnson and Jamaal Williams and take whatever points Melvin gets me?? I can’t seem to pull the trigger.