Finalizing week 1 flex spots!

Half PPR. With sanders out today and Sutton Questionable for Monday, I have two flex spots open. Gotta pick between, Amari Cooper, Andrews, and Taylor. It is a super flex so I ave the option to play Newton as well but I don’t know if I want to start him in the first game. Right now I’m leaning Andrews as one but just not sure about the other spot! Thanks footclan!

I suppose it depends on your scoring system, but wouldn’t Newton be the easy choice in most formats? Just as much (if not a lot more) risk w/ Amari and JT, right?

The scoring in this league is stupid. It’s an IDP league but the offensive scoring is 5 for Qb passing TD with 1 pt ever 10 passing yard. 10pts for rushing or receiving TD, half PPR, then 10pts bonus for 30plus yard rushing TD, 40plus receiving, and 40 plus passing TD. I figured newton has that Better upside but wanted to get others opinions. And it’s 1pt ever 3.5 rushing yards so yea If Newton is Running like he used too it’s a no brainer