Finally getting some bell offers

I got offered Kareem Hunt Danny Amendola and Jalen Ramsey (IDP) for Still and Bell…am I silly to not take this deal?

Still is my 3rd WR

another guy offered me Doug Martin and Conner for Clement and Kupp, Kupp is my 3rd WR

I like the first one more out of the 2…what do you all think?

I don’t have much experience in IDP, but having the leagues best CB in his prime at a young age seems valuable to me?

Also, I love hunt, don’t love stills. I’d take the 1st deal imo.

2nd one isn’t bad either though, although I’d swap doug martin for almost anything else.

He isn’t a great option in IDP cause he wont get thrown at much.


I have done a few IDP leagues and what I noticed is stud DL and LB are much more valuable than DB correct? More opportunities for tackles, sacks, etc. With that being said, I still like the first trade. Not a single person outside of Bell (and maybe not even him) knows when he will be back. What we do know, is Hunt is healthy, and playing. The difference between Hunt and Bell is peanuts compared to the fear of not having Bell at all.

I would do the first trade, no to the second trade.

That makes a lot of sense. I guess shut down corners just don’t see the work. Pass rushers and LB who are near the ball probably worth a lot more.

Haha, the doug martin name is what made me not jump on it.

True and I have Bobby Wagner, Reshad Jones and Clowney as my IDP players

See that is how I feel but I am wondering if I would rather try like a Mccaffrey. or would I rather have Hunt?

Yep you really don’t want a CB in IDP unless he gets thrown at ALOT so he gets tackles. Safeties are what you go after as DBs.

I totally agree he is more a throw in I guess

I have someone interested but he has David Johnson and if I trade him Bell I am screwing the league I am sure, right?

but there is that Trade of Hunt and Amendola for Bell and Stills…

His team currently
Big Ben
Baldwin, Marvin Jones, Crowder, edelman, hurns, amendola
Engram and Delanie Walker
Hunt, Fournette, Alex Collins

My Team currently
Bell, Breida, Marshawn, Duke, Clement
Z. Ertz
Aj Green, Kupp, DJ Moore, Stills, Sutton, Keelan Cole

One of the reasons Im starting to panic is that I had Bell and Mckinnon, Mckinnon went down and now this Bell news

I would definitely do the first deal.

Hunt and Amendola? I was debating trying to counter for Edelman or even Alex Collins, not that I think he would do that

Yeah if you could somehow grab Collins in that trade then it’s definitely a worthwhile trade. IT all depends on the risk factor on how you think bell is going to hold out and if you can justify having hunt for the short-term rather than long-term.

Good luck this season!

Thanks man! I mean I was also considering CMC and Josh Gordon for Bell?

That would be a trade that I would need to think longer about haha. Still unsure how I feel about CMC. Carolina has an incredibly tough schedule this season

ah good point, the guy also has Barkley, but I dont think I get barkley for Bell currently

I would be a bit scared, about trading Bell to DJ/Gurley owners in full PPR leagues unless its like maximum value. If Bell shows up saturday, good luck winning that league.

Mike that is my fear! I’m not gonna do that deal with DJ or Gurely.

What did you think of the hunt and Amendola for bell and still? Giving my comments above?

Amendola and stills are lateral moves to me tbh. Stills has a slight edge, not by much. You’re basically trading bell for Hunt straight up. That’s a close one, but I’d rather take the CMC/Hill one.