Finally got a trade going! need advice plz

Full PPR
I need depth (fournette IR)
Its 2 for 1 trade

I am giving away S.Diggs for 1rb and 1wr out of these players:



Should I take this trade? which combo? do I win the trade? thanks footclan
Edit:He does have Brandin cooks I can try to pry. but doubtful

THere’s no combo here that would be sufficient to give up Diggs, esp in full PPR. I’d target a different team.

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Maybe, maybe Cooks + Kerryon.


Thanks for the reply. any other tips?

I agree with @falcones404 that Cooks + Kerryon is a fairly even trade and would do that deal especially if you need some depth at RB…I would call you the winner of that trade if you can pull it off…

Ok I will try to get Cooks. if not ill cancel it.

So I will try to go for COOKS and kerryon for diggs. any one second this? :slight_smile:

If you need depth at RB, then I think this trade works out for you. Depends on the extent to which you need that depth. It’s also entirely possible Cooks has a better season on his own than Diggs does. But yeah, if you are need of RB’s, I think this trade would make sense for you.

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