Finally made it to the championship

And yet my top two WR are very injured. I have C.Ridley to cover julio and R.Anderson for JUJU. For those wondering I have D.williams and J.Samuels because my opponent has J.connor and S. Ware. Do you guys think I have the right roster in place? This guy always makes it to the championship and I wanna win.

Any help is appreciated :smile:

Your lineup is good as it is.

You wouldn’t play Williams over anyone

Consider William’s over lindsay.

You feel the raiders will cover him?

You’ve gotta look at who’s hot and who is producing right now. Lindsay just isnt. I know some people have him really high against the Raiders here but I dont. He hasn’t looked good since Sanders went down. This offense just plain sucks.

And seattle is gonna give it up tonight against the ppr back

You don’t think Seattle can stop d Williams