Finals! D/ST for this week?

Broncos @ raiders (broncos eliminated from playoffs)
Titans vs Redskins
Dolphins vs Jaguars
Cowboys vs buccaneers
Browns vs Bengals

Titans by far, i’m starting them with full confidence

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I agree. The Titans are the no-brainer play against a decimated Redskins offense. I’m either starting them or the Pats vs. the Bills who are dead-last in offense. It’s a tough call for me but your choice is much clearer IMO.


did you make it through?! Congrats!

I wish I had Titans as an option. Other options were- I went with the Dolphins. Jags don’t want to even exist anymore. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Fournette doesn’t even play.

Dude… I’ve arrived atop the hill to defend my crown bloodied and broken but i made it! I had Cam, Allen, Ertz, Moore, Bills DST and Rosas all let me down. Luckily Cook, Mixon and Jackson stepped up and my opponent had a poor week too! Have a lot of holes, 2 WRs likely and QB to fill this week but i’m in the fight so it’s there to be won now.

Dolphins yes are a good high ceiling play against an awful Jags team, Titans only pip them for me as they are better defense with more talent but they are both safe floor high upside plays to me.

All the talk I did about Broncos defense and I pivoted to the Rams d. Boy did I regret that!! But we survived!

This just popped in my head, how does the Colts sound for a DST play?

If OBJ is out i’d be interested they can just key in on Barkley that way and they’re decent vs the run. Either way they wont give up more then 14 i would think and likely get a few sacks and some kind of turnover so would be a solid play