Finals help!

Hello I am in the finals I know its a weird way to end the season already.

Anyhow I have some big choices to make this week I am playing in the finals and really want to win that #footclantitle so any assistance would be appreciated!

My QB is going to be Deshaun Watson (I have Jared Goff and Lamar Jackson as well)

RB (This is where I truly need help!) I have Todd Gurley (Who is going to start!) I have Leonard Fournette, Austin Eckler and Mark Ingram (Yes I gave up a lot in the future to have this picks for right now) Who should I start next to Todd Gurley to give me the best chance, they have Mark Ingram ranked the highests of the three but his past few weeks performance scares me

My WR are Keenan Allen, Davonte Adams, and JuJu ( the only change I might make here is Robert woods maybe if I feel something weird is off)

My defense is Texans (I have Bears, Eagles as well but those match ups just aren’t good and I have no more FAB to be able to grab another defense for this week as our minimum is $1)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

QB: Monitor Watson’s injury. If there is even a slight chance he isn’t 100%, I switch to Jackson in a juicy matchup.

RB: 4net, Ekeler, and Ingram all have risk/reward. 4net has been unpredictable all year. Ekeler might lose his share of the timeshare to Justin Jackson. And Ingram has really only been valuable in games where he scores.

With the saints, specifically Brees, needing to bounce back after last week, I think Kamara is featured a lot; so, for me, I think Ingram is a bit of a trap.

With the unknown of Ekeler, I’m looking elsewhere to avoid risk.

Fournette has been a stud in every game he’s played after the injury. Plus, he’s clearly the best talent of your 3 options. I go Fournette and play the best talent with guaranteed workload.

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