Finals Help

Help me choose my lineup and pick up waivers - Standard 2 RB 2 WR 1 Flex

QB’s - Rodgers - Mariota - (pick up Foles?)
RB’s - Gordon - Hunt - (Hyde - Williams) start one at flex?
WR - Green - Julio - (Hogan - Davis) Drop one for Foles or start one at Flex?
TE - Engram - (Olsen) Start at Flex? or over Engram?
K Boswell - (Drop for Bailey?)
DST - Jags - (Drop for Panthers)

You have to pick up Foles. Rodgers may not play and Mariota has a rough matchup


I say keep your kicker and d

Agreed, definitely drop Mariota for Foles

Leave RB’s and WR’s.

As for flex, I’d seriously consider going with Olsen. Hyde, and (assuming Jamaal Williams) have tough matchups and I’d be pretty nervous playing Hogan or Davis at flex.

Bump - The weather for the Eagles game is supposed to subpar, should I start Flacco instead? And I picked up Dede Westbrook, is he worth a start at flex in my lineup?

Rodgers is on IR. Definitely pick up Foles. Start Olsen at Flex. Keep Jags D