Find Me A Trade!

Hey clan! Appealing to the traders out there who like a challenge.

Just did a draft and feel happy with my team (it’s an 8 man so obviously ended up with a great team)

However I have seen an opportunity as another team went wr heavy and is panicking a little about his rb depth (and his reliance on the bears). Where can you see a trade or should I just accept I have a good team and see where the season takes me.

My team (from 1):
Rb: Bell, CMC, R. Freeman, K. Johnson, TY Montgomery, R Burkhead
Wr: Diggs Fitzgerald, Landry, Watkins, Crowder
Te: Gronk
Qb: Stafford

His team (from 6th)
Rb: Howard, Miller,Ajayi, Lewis, Cohen
Wr: Brown, OBJ, Thomas, Robinson, Fuller
Te: Burton
Qb: Rodgers wentz

I’m thinking to target OBJ or Thomas but happy with my team too and passed on Thomas to get CMC and gronk so don’t want to do a direct swap for them. Any thoughts?


Is it standard scoring and redraft i assume? If it’s any kind of PPR/half PPR i actually prefer his team here…
If you start QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1Flx his line up of Rodgers, Howard, <insert Miller/Ajayi/Lewis as needed> Brown, OBJ and MT in the Flex is an incredible set. With Robinson in the wings and if Burton plays half way decent i’d happily have that team.

I think OBJ and MT will cost you too much, if i was him AB, OBJ and MT are the spine of my team so i’d want another quality starter back and as those WRs are all superior to yours it’s going to be CMC or Freeman but Freeman on his own isn’t worth any of them in any format as of today, CMC might get you MT but depends on scoring for me.

I think you’d be best off trying to get Robinson who could be a WR1 again as he’s the clear 1 on his team and you can factor the risk of new team and injury return into his price, offering him one of your upside RBs for him would be the way to go. Maybe if it’s non PPR he might go for say Ty or Burkhead and an upside guy like Watkins for Thomas but i think you’ll struggle or have to pay too much to get AB or OBJ unless you put up CMC and in PPR it will need to be CMC plus something else like a Watkins type player

Thanks. Ye sorry should have said 0.5PPR and redraft. Usual set up of qb 2rb 2wr 1te and 1flex.
Thanks for the comments.
I’ll make a play for Robinson as he’s also worried hes a bit reliant on bears doing well and Nagy making the offense incredible.

I agree his team is set. I also prefer his team, but I’m trying to take advantage of his nervousness around lack of top RBS before the season starts and he racks up mega points. Didn’t expect Thomas to drop to him in 3.06!!!

Ah okay, and yes getting Brown, OBJ and Thomas in a half PPR at the draft is unreal! Yes i should have said your comment about his Bears reliance with three players there i’m sure he would want to cut down his stake in them.

If you can keep Bell, CMC, Freeman pair Robinson with Diggs and you have Gronk as a difference maker and Staff will be a steady hand at QB i think you’ll be in pretty good shape. Even if you have to wait for Robinson and Freeman, Kerryon respectively to get going for a few weeks it gives you more options for flex and starters later. Landry, Fitz and Watkins aren’t exactly horrible options while you wait for someone to take off. If the guy is super high on Freeman or Kerryon i would package trade with say Landry or Watkins whoever you like least and try for MT first?

Thanks Ive sounded him out. He’s not so keen on the thomas trade currently but has suggested antonio brown and trey burton for gronk and mccaffrey.

Pros: 2 of the 5 studs in bell and brown, rb depth should be ok (Royce burkhead kerryon and ty mont) plus waiver pick up in 1st few weeks.
Cons:heavily set on Steelers, lose gronk and my wr depth takes a hit.

Do you think I should take it or restructure? Maybe gronk and royce for OBJ and burton?

That is an interesting offer, having Brown and Bell is unheard off generally and would give you potentially the number 1 WR and RB - not a bad place to be. If there is anyway you can keep Gronk though i would but not sure he’d go for another combo for Brown.

I would sound out the OBJ side for sure, not just for your team but if you gave him Gronk and CMC i’m not sure i’d want to play against the monster you’d have made his roster would still be unreal starting Roders, Howard, CMC, OBJ, MT, Gronk on their own will beat most teams… Gronk and Royce might be acceptable to him for OBJ/Burton and i think gives your team better balance post trade than the Brown deal IMO

So after some back and forth we may be close with diggs and Freeman for Burton and Thomas. Is that enough or do you think I should hold and aim for OBJ after the season starts panning out?