Fine Tuning the Team

10 man, full PPR. Started 0-4, now up to 3-4, including a league record score last week.

QBs: Brees, Winston
RBs: Hunt, Mixon, Conner, Lynch, Kerryon, Chubb
WRs: Keenan, Tyreek, Golladay, John Brown, Ridley
TEs: Njoku
D: Vikings
K: Fairbairn

I think the team’s in a pretty good shape, but with Lynch likely done for the year there’s room for a little finetuning. Top players at each position:
Wilson, Trubinsky
Ito, Barber
Kirk, Geromino, Coutee
OJ Howard, Vance

Not sure there’s much value to the team in any of those, so I’m asking is done anyone have an particular favourite pickups now that they think will pay off in the playoffs? Anyone you like as a stash?

Thanks for reading

If you’re looking to replace Lynch. Ito is worth watching this week. He has been getting the goal line touches. Hes on a high powered offense as well. We will see what we get in him tonight (why am I still up) lol. Your WRs look great. Njoku is good. OJ Howard is great as well being as Winston loves his TEs. ROS I think I like Howard better than Njoku.

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