Finished last in 2017. Draft done. How did I do? How can I improve? Please

Hi there. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Pretty much everyone is better than me in the league and I finished last in 2018.

Draft finished and I’m not confident that there are many players I would want to play in my starting roster. Your advice on how I can improve it is most welcome.

1/2 point, Ballers preferred format, 3 keepers, 12 team.
(difficult to stream the QB in my league - most players are better than me).

QB: Aaron Rodgers

RB: S. Barkley
RB: J. Ajayi
RB: T. Coleman
RB: L. Murray
RB: F. Gore
RB: C. Ivory

WR: L.Fitzgerald
WR: M. Jones
WR: P. Garcon
WR: N. Agholor
WR: R. Grant

TE: J. Doyle
K: J. Tucker
DST: Vikings