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First 2 Rounds Bust Candidates?


History has shown that out of all of these players, a crap load of them will get injured or not live up to their draft price. From players that you think will go around the first or second round, who do you think will bust and WHY? I’m very interested to hear all of your opinions especially on the top 12ish RBs coming off the board.


Tossing out a guess out there. Demarco Murray, not sure he will be a bust but I could see a scenario were he loses touches to Henry. Depending on how much he would lose, wouldn’t want to spend a 2nd round RB that loses 40 or 50% of his touches.


I can see Murray, may not be a disaster but could be disappointing compared to draft position losing touches to Henry.

Mine is Ajayi and Jordy. Jordy simply because for some reason I can’t justify I just feel like he is going to get hurt.

Ajayi I am willing to water bet on @JasonFFL. Just saying. Let’s say the bet is that he doesn’t break top 15.


gurley, ajayi, and leveon bell. gurleys hould be obvious, high value, no team around him, and his receptions will go down. iwould take him much much lower than he is.

i dont ge the hype on ajayi. yes he had good games, but he was mostly pedestrian. take away games where he didnt rush 15 or more times, and take away the unsistanable games, he was 60 yards a game guy for 3 receptions. and only 1 TD over that time. so not even 1000 yards on the season. he just has bust written all over him for me.

bell, is all gut. if he is healthy, he will be the dominant force that he always is. he WILL be number 1 in points. thats if. my gut tells me this may be the worst year for him. i think he gets injured, and early. there is no other reason behind it. so take that one as you will.


I would say Jordan Howard, Jordy Nelson, and/or Mike Evans could bust based off ADP. Not necessarily to injury just taking a step back compared to their ADP