First 2 rounds draft strategy

Hi all,

I’m in a 14-team PPR league, and I have the 14th pick of the draft in a few days.

After a million mocks, I’m still not sure with what strategy to go with.
Usually I’d prefer to go RB-heavy, especially in such a deep league, but most of the time I’m left with not-so-exciting RBs for my first 2 picks (Aaron Jones/Mixon/Chubb), while most elite WRs (Julio, Hill, Godwin, sometimes even Adams) are still on the board.

Also, I’m highly considering reaching for Lamar on one of my first two picks, so I’ll have a guaranteed 25-30ppg stud, but I realize that it could potentially ruin my draft.

What do you think my strategy should be?

I wouldn’t mind having Chubb as a RB1 at this spot. He is arguably the best pure runner in the nfl and the browns offense “should” be better this year. People also think Mixon is due for a breakout and he looked great in the last 6 weeks of last year.
I like your idea to seek a positional advantage by taking a QB here. I would rather take Kelce/Kittle here and lock in a top TE.
Hope this helps. Good luck :smiley:

Based on rankings I’ve been seeing:

At the first corner, M Sanders and Godwin should be right there, closely followed by Mixon and Drake, plus there’s a chance Ekeler and Hopkins could fall to those spots. Kittle/Kelce may be a bit of a reach at 14/15.

At the next corner is Conner, Bell, Chark and Lockett, and also Carson and AJ Brown could drop there or even Ertz.

I would go 1 RB/1 WR at each corner. Really good QBs should be available later, RB isn’t that deep beyond Rd 4. Having Mixon, Godwin, Bell and Chark or Lockett as your first 4 is nothing to sneeze at, and if the other guys fall into your lap even better. If Ertz is still available at the 2nd turn, though, I’d take him. WR is pretty deep this year so I wouldn’t worry about missing out on those too much in 3-4, as long as you get 1 elite in 1-2.