First 2 Rounds Strategy Considering Keepers

Just for some context I play in a 12 team, PPR league that starts 2 RB/2WR/1FLEX and keeps one player. I also am picking 2nd in my draft, so counting keepers as the first round its sort of like I’m picking at the 11th spot in a normal snake draft.

So my top keeper options are Freeman, Jordy, and Jordan Howard. I currently plan to keep Freeman due to his position scarcity, PPR ability, and consistency, especially in a high powered offense.

Due to the keepers of other owners, I will have the likes of Lesean McCoy, Jordy or Mike Evans, and Jordan Howard available to me. Also either Melvin Gordon or Demarco depending on who that owner keeps. The owner who picks first I know is wanting to take either Jordy or Mike Evans.

With all that information, after keeping Freeman, should I make sure to choose who is left between Jordy Nelson and Mike Evans with my second player? OR should I take the good value and draft Lesean McCoy to pair with Devonta Freeman? Those are the two scenarios I am between and cannot decide the best option. What do you guys think?

I can either start the draft with two elite RBs and drafts value WRs later or I can make sure to have an elite player at both positions. I also worry that LeSean is a decent injury risk which makes me hesitant.

The Bills have already given up on the season, so McCoy’s value takes a hit for me. Gotta go with the best available player - I’d take Evans, Gordon or Nelson (prob in that order).

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Thats a good point. He already seemed risky to me due to injury concerns. I just felt leaving him on the board at that point in the draft (2.02) was hard to discount. You would even take Gordon over Nelson?

I’d do Evans for sure… And if not Jordy is a safer bet now that mccoys team is in tank mode. Now if mccoy somehow comes back to you in the 3rd take him