First 2QB mock review

I’m prepping for my 10 team league and this year we’re making the change to superflex. This is my first mock draft in a 2 QB league and I’m interested to hear your thoughts, maybe some places I went wrong. I really like the look of my team coming out of it but it was simulator.

Solid team if you can land it but the difference I see in superflex league from what you see in mock simulator:

1.) rarely in the first 15-16 picks do you see 5 QB go most of the time its ma homes and mabye 1 other guy.

2.) Once people start taking their second QB it almost always forms a QB run so be prepared for that idea (people don’t want to miss out on a solid qb getting in late).

3.) You should consider drafting 3 QBs in a super flex because of high QB s score and not starting 1 twice during the year or if one of your guys gets hurt you will be a huge disadvantage. You may be able to play the waiver but I wouldn’t count on it.

4.) Late round QB can still work so dont feel you need to have a QB by the 3/4 round…this draft alone you could have had Goff 6th-Trubisky 8th-Allen 11th…

differnce between rodgers 6th last year and Goff was 2 points

differnce between brown and robert woods last year 49 points

Honestly man, I don’t waste time with mock drafts for superflex leagues. There aren’t any good mock drafting simulators out there, I’m assuming you used Fantasypros? That thing is awful. The variation from league to league is so drastic that it honestly doesn’t help much. I invest all my time in creating my tiers by position group and draft to my sheet.

Just rank your players by tier. Have your QBs done by tier and just go with the flow of the draft. If your league is new to SF, the QBs will likely go later than they should vs a more competitive /experienced league. So you can afford to get a bunch of skilled position players in the front and grab 2 top 20 guys later in the middle rounds. The QB class is incredibly deep and basically I just find the cuttoff for the last QB i’d be willing to take. For me that’s around the Cousins/Jimmy G range. Make sure I take one other one above them and just go with the flow of the draft.

These mocks, especially this early are a waste of time in my experience.

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