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First 3 round questions


Hey guys, been playing fantasy for 6 years and recently found the podcast about a month and a half ago. I like it so much I went back and have been listening to last season. I don’t have Twitter did mike ever get his check mark?

But my real question is why is everyone so high on the wrs rounds 1-3. I can’t see a situation with any pick where I pick a wr in the first 2 round. I always go RB RB. If RB 1-3 to rb 12have a bigger gap than wr 1-3 to wr 12 why not just get 2 of the best rbs?


this year im leaning the same way. im still going to go most bang for my buck at every spot though. so lets say i have to pick from AJ green and gordon, it tough but i probably go green, just because i want the most. of cource i say that now, but on draft day it will probably change. because i do want those 2 stud RBs this year, and then fill in the WR later.


I have pick 8 in a 10 team half point PPR league and in mocks I’ve been getting Gordon (if McCoy is gone) and either Howard or ajaji round 2. Wrs round 3-5 are nice imo. I’ll even go Crow round 3/4 if he is there.


That’s a solid start. I’ll take Gordon and crowell as my lead 2 any day . In fact i have it set up just like that in a dynasty auction league im in haha


Im definitely going 2 Rbs in the first 3 rounds. I made a trade where i get evans in the 2nd so i couldnt pass up that value but if i didnt make the trade id be going 2-3 rbs early as i can while the top guys are on the board bc just like you said theres a major drop off.


Interesting! I always let the draft come to me. I tend away from locking myself into a given round 1 & 2 pick philosophy (e.g., ‘RB, RB’ ) no matter who is available. I think you’ll see the draft strategy has swung back a bit. WR’s were the rage last year, but I think that is changing. Looks like the top three players are RB’s this year; last year Antonio Brown was the go to first pick in virtually all lists. That said, good luck to you this year and welcome to the Clan!


RBs bust at a higher rate than WR. Last year in one league I drafted a WR in the 1st 3 rounds and got McCoy in the 4th. Two of my receivers were Odell and Evans. Suffice to say I won that league.

In another I went RB then 3 WR. Got Zeke, then Hopkins, Cook, and someone else. It didn’t work out too well.

All that being said if I’m drafting from one of the 1st 3 spots this year I’m going RB-RB. If picking from a later spot I’m going WR-RB. That’s worked out pretty good for me in mocks.