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First 3 Rounds Draft Question


Hi all,

I’m in a 10 person league (1/2 PPR). I have pick #'s 2,19,22 for this years upcoming draft. My league tends to draft WR heavy in the first few rounds. Should I go with Lev at #2 and draft WR at #19 and #22? Or go with AB at #2 and go RB at #19 and #22? I believe some sort of combination of RB’s that would be left would be Lynch/Ajayi/Miller/Crowell and for WR’s Baldwin/Fitz/Cooper/TY.



Always take Lev bell, him and DJ score so much more than the other RB’s likely available. But those WR’s at 19/22 will still be competitive.


As much as I love AB, would also take Bell at #2


I’d 100% take Lev Bell or David Johnson with your #2 pick, and don’t think twice about it. With the next two picks, take the best player available.


for me its zeke or DJ at number 2. after that you can find great depth at WR throughout the whole draft. what you cannot find is that top end crazy RB talent. at least the for sure talents. but i do strongly suggest not going lev bell with 2 overall. not when you can get the same talent prospectives without the injury or off field risks. just my humble opinion.


Take Bell at #2. DJ’s and Bell’s receiving numbers make them WR3’s at the very least. You’re basically starting 2 players for one.


Do you think that whoever is drafting #1 will take Bell or Brown? At 2 I would either take Bell or David Johnson because you’re going to want one of those stud RB’s as they serve as a wide receiver just as much as a running back. If the league goes WR heavy you may be able to get another stud in the second round and then load up on wide receivers the rest of the way as one of them is likely to be a top 10 receiver over some of the guys going early.