First Auction Draft Ever - Tips?

Hey all! I’m joining my first Auction draft and a bit clueless as to strategy and how to approach. Been in a 3 keeper league for quite a while so this is all new to me.

I have the UDK and have looked at the Auction cheatsheet. What exactly is that telling you? The maximum you should bid on a player? If you can get those players for less then it is considered a good deal?

Our auction budget is $250 and I believe the kit is based on $200 (so I will need to modify/scale slightly).

Thanks for any tips and tricks you can offer to bring home another Foot Clan Title!

Dont be scared to spend! Dont have leftover money!

  1. Do not leave any money on the table.

  2. Do not be scared to overpay. Better to pay $10-12 more than be left with $10-12 at the end of the draft. Those dollars are now ice cubes that will leave a big old wet stain that get the same laughs as pee. Don’t overpay for every player obviously but a couple is ok that you really want. You will get some value later elsewhere.

  3. Ignore all the stupid tricks like people selecting the Jags D with their first pick. Nobody is going to let them have it for $1 so let them duke it out and stay out of that nonsense.
    Jags D were not even on the radar last year. Get a D for a $1 and stream away.

I’ve been in an auction for a short period but the above are fairly universal tips.

So the UDK sheet is basically telling you the same ADP does in a snake draft… It’s an approx value of what those players should cost… They may cost a few bucks more or they may cost a few bucks less.

Tips -
Budget for positions not specific players…
So take your starting requirements.
We will use 1QB,2RB,2WR,1TE 1 Flex,1 K, 1 def and 6 bench as an example

Next to QB - $10
Next to RB1 - $65
Next to RB 2 - $25
Next to WR 1- $55
Next to WR 2- $20
Next to TE - $10
Next to Flex - $25
Next to kicker -$1
Next to Def -$1

Then add all those up. $212. Now you know you have $38 to spend on bench

Bench $10
Bench $7
Bench $7
Bench -$2
Bench -$2

So once you have your budget then when you go into the draft and you have 5 RB1s to target… Well the first one goes for $70… To much you pass. 2nd one goes for $68 too much… 3rd one someone has the bid at $65…go $66 and yes you win him… So now since you over spent just remove $1 from bench spot 1 and now you only have $9 to spend…

Then WR Start getting nominated… You look and there are 3 WR1 You want… The first one goes and you have the bid at $51 and you win it…you saved $4. So now you take that $4 and move it to let’s say RB2 So now you have $29 to spend.

So that is how I approach the budget side of a auction. The above is just an example you play around with different combos and see what you like. As a general rule of thumb I like to spend 75% of my budget on my starters and 25% on my bench.

Tips -
1.Sometimes the first 1-3 guys of the draft are the biggest discount of the draft as everyone is nervous to spend there money… So don’t be nervous… If lev bell is around $60 don’t be afraid to go get him at $66 and watch DJ Zeke and gurley all go for $70 later in the draft.

  1. Nominate plp early that you DON’T want but have HYPE around them. … So think mckinnon, kamara, Watson, Rodgers … This list is different for each person but nominate them early so $$ is spent on players you don’t want so you can get discounts on players you do want… These aren’t bad players at all… I mean I would love Rodgers for $10 but I know he will go $25+ and I would rather spend $10 on a Matthew Stafford who will score just a couple pts less a week than Rodgers and I was able to save $15-$20 and apply him to a starting RB.
    ONLY do this with like the top 3-4 tiers of RB and WR and only top tier of TE and QB… * this changes in the last few picks… Once you are filling out your last 3 draft spots which will go for $1-$5 then nominate who you want so you don’t get stuck with a player who you don’t want for $1 late in the draft *

  2. Don’t be afraid to go over budget by a few $$$ if that is a player you really want or the last of a guy in a certain tier… You will have to adjust your budget but don’t feel like you have to only do $65 on a RB1.

  3. DON’T ever spend more than $1 on kicker or DEF… Just not worth it. And always nominate the JAGS Like round 3-4… Someone will pay $2-$5 for them and hey if they don’t you got the best DEF for $1. Also nominate the kicker and def you want say round 10,11… Don’t wait till the end of the draft… But also don’t waste a nomination early on one as you want plp to spend big $$ early to get their budgets down…

  4. Know your league mates… Are there a bunch of pats fans in your league… Nominate pats players to get them to spend big bucks… Do alot of them do research? Or do they prob just use ESPN… Pop over to ESPN and see what their auction sheet looks like and compare to the ballers… Then you will know what 1/2 of your league mates think they should spend on a player because you know they will be just using ESPN and so you can spend the approiate amount as you are following the UDK.

6… Half way through the draft asses your budget with the player pool left make sure the draft isn’t half way done and you still have $150 left and there are only players that will cost $10 left on your sheet… That means you didn’t spend your money. If you leave your draft with $5-$10 that is fine… If you leave your draft $20-$40 leftover you did something very wrong… So make sure and spend as close to your Max budget as you can.

  1. Know your other league mates budgets towards the end of the draft… The last few picks only go for $1-$5 usually… And so if 3 other guys only have a Max bid of $3… Don’t start the player off at $1 and then have to pay $4 for him… Go ahead and nominate him for $3 as you know they can’t outbid you.

8…goodluck and have fun… Auctions are the best as you have a shot at EVERYplayer in the draft… If you have any more questions or I didn’t explain something well please ask.


If not for auctions I would not even play FF. Other way sucks.

  1. Throw out the price lists because auctions vary wildly. Just have a general personal price guide, how much you are willing to spend on the players you want.

  2. Be willing to spend 10-15% in the early going on players you really want. Never nominate a player you want unless it’s early in the draft and you think you can snag him by being a tad bit aggressive, otherwise nominate players that are wanted, but not by you so that others can spend their money. You can even raise the price by bidding up, just be careful otherwise you could get caught with that player.

  3. Don’t nominate any of your sleepers for as long as possible. The deeper into the draft you go, the less money people will have and then the less likelihood you will be outbid for whichever player you nominate. Last year, I got Kamara for $2 because no one else had enough money to outbid me.

4, Keep track of all the top tier players at each position(mainly rb and wr) as they are being drafted. You want to do this because the less of them that are available, the higher those owners who need one will pay, so you want to try to find a sweet spot somewhere in the middle. If you have your eye on 8 top tier receivers, try to get the 3rd or 4th one nominated( or even 1st or 2nd one depending on the price and how much you want him), you don’t want to wait until 7 of the 8 are gone and then you are caught in an intense bidding war with other owners who don’t have a top tier receiver like you don’t. That can artificially drive up the price of the player(s) in question.

  1. This isn’t necessary and I haven’t tried it myself, but i saw it suggested once. You could very early in the draft nominate a kicker or defense you really want, the thought process behind it being that early in the draft people want to save their money for top players at more important positions, so they will be inclined to be very stingy with their dollars. Thus, if you nominate said defense or kicker there is decent chance you will get them for a very good price. I may try it in my upcoming auction keeper draft.

I think that’s all. Good luck.