First Auction Draft Thoughts?

Full PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def, 6 BE

Cam Newton $10
Todd Gurley II $68
Tarik Cohen $12
ODell Beckham Jr. $52
Amari Cooper $17
Tyler Eifert $1
Robbie Gould $1
Ravens Def $1

Will Fuller V $6
Corey Clemente $1
Ty Montgomery $1
Derek Carr $2
Mike Williams $1
Seattle Def $1

Vance Macdonald is available, any other TE suggestions?

i think you know where your weakness is. after gurley, and after OBJ, your depth is… iffy. having cohen as your current RB2 isnt great, although you did a fantastic job of getting a bunch of cheap potential guys. my only concern, if none of them hit, you have to rely on gurley, OBJ, and newton to bring you home wins. which they very well could if the others just get you points. i just think its a big risk to dump all your money into 2 players. because i havent even brought up, what if one of them gets injured? im ok with spending 68 on gurley, so long as i take that 52 for OBJ and spread it, or vice versa. depth is what wins you more games. so hopefully cooper ends up being the cooper of not last year, and cohen takes a big leap with the new nagy offense.

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I could have went with Amari Cooper at wr2, and spent the diffs on J Mckinnon, Mixon or C Mcaffrey, and than run Cohen at flex. Hmmm gotcha, I did it b/c league is 1 point ppr, and see Cohen doing big things. Also only 4pts pass TD, Cam brought allot in terms of rushing in this format. TY

SBK out