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First Auction Draft


I have my first auction draft this weekend. Any tips or advice?

$200 for Smokin Jay seems fair doesn’t it?


Been doing auction in my main league for years now. So tough to predict things that will happen in an auction, but my main piece of advice, and what I remind myself every year is to stay away from trying to get your opponent to spend a few more dollars on a player by running up the price a bit more. It’s so easy to get caught with a player you don’t want for a price you didn’t want to pay.

Just focus on the guys you want and the prices you are willing to pay for them, and adjust accordingly.


don’t get caught up in the projected auction values from yahoo or any other sites, your league mates probably won’t abide by them anyway. That being said I would still set up tiers similar to how you would in a regular draft, if you know you have about $30 to spend on a WR2 and a WR2 you like seems to be going in that direction, snag him. If that player is going over use your tiers to judge about many WR2’s could be going at around that same price. this helps you make a decision in the moment of a bid


Starting advice, that’s easy. Almost always throw bids out for people you have no interest in. Get people to spend money and fill up spots so later on when the players you do want comes around, you get them cheaper. It’s fun to play the bidding war to drive up prices, but that completely is a vet move, that is risky. Plus knowing your league mates is very important on that. If you do get stuck with a player you don’t want, but you got them for a good price, thars not too bad. Someone will want them, and now you have a trading piece. And don’t be afraid to go after people you want. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in, oh man this guy is getting bid on a lot, his price is rising I shouldn’t do anything. Nothing worse than getting bidding fear, and then ending up with a crap team because you never got anyone good. Most importantly, have fun with it man.


I like to go into an auction draft ready to react to the early prices. Like @wzahurak88 said: set up tiers, or if you don’t have a lot of time to do this - use the tiers from the Ballers or from other expert ranking sites. General rule, you don’t want to be the first or the last to buy into the tier. Pretty much - let the first guy in that tier (not necessarily the top ranked, but the first nominated) set the price for that group, then grab one of the guys in the middle. The last guy nominated in each tier is usually the worst value, because people will panic and think this is their last chance to grab a player of that caliber - and the bidding wars begin.

My nomination strategy is simple, and a little different from a lot of others. As the draft pans out, I keep an eye on a couple guys and nominate someone in that position ranked slightly LOWER than my target. Example: Let’s say I want Keenan Allen as my WR2, when it’s my turn to nominate, I’ll put Alshon or Crabtree up for grabs. This accomplishes two things: One, it gets someone to spend money. More importantly, it fills the WR2 slot on another roster and I should have one less team bidding on my target WR2.