First draft of the season! what you think?

its officially here for me! my first redraft league went off last night, and its kind of a warm up league. bunch of local friends who dont really know a lot. i even ended up drafting for my best friend as well because he couldnt make it. so of course, the question that needs to be asked then, which team would you rather have? 12 man, HPPR redraft.

my team:


his team:

I really like both teams and see what you mean about them not knowing alot. I don’t see getting Freeman and Michael Thomas on the same team in any competitive 12 team league, or AB and Fournette for that matter. I give a slight edge to his team strictly on personal preferences, his has alot of players I’m targeting this year.

Nice job on both if them. I like yours a bit more.

haha yeah, i kind of got real lucky with both teams first 4 rounds of picks. i picked at 4 and got zeke, he picked at 6 and got AB. then getting MT and freeman for me was pretty nasty. i can kind of see it in a 10 man happening, but a 12 man? it helps that rodgers and brady went back to back end of first round lol. but i told him i drafted him a hell of a team! i really like both for different reasons so i cant decide haha.

@MadJesse thanks man! appreciate the compliment!