First Draft of the season...with an oops

Completed 14 team standard league draft last night. Got the 1 spot. Had some computer lag which resulted in me missing the fact that rex went off the board in the 4th. Couldn’t find his name and lost time so just went with Kerryon. Then this league had a bunch of guys take defenses in the 7th (4 went off in a row). Was hoping for rivers at qb but then stafford came back around. Everyone in the teir after stafford was gone. Figured it is an oops I am ok with having to deal with. Kerryon likely to start the year on my bench anyway. Maybe some trade value if he hits

  1. Gurley

  2. Baldwin

  3. Royce

  4. Marvin Jones (oops #1)

  5. Kerryon (oops #2)

  6. Barber

  7. Watkins

  8. Stafford (oops #3)

  9. Reed

  10. John Brown

  11. Clement

  12. Dede

  13. Saints

I think you’ll be good man, Stafford is solid, royce should be good too…I did the same thing with Jordan reed, hell be fun finding a spell for.

Yeah i was aiming for Rivers and Doyle and then when I got my pick at the end of the 8th and Stafford and Reed were still there I just couldn’t pass it up. I know with Reed I’ll have to stream eventually but will enjoy in the meantime

Same here man, I’ll be on the waiver all year lol