First draft of the season

Had my first draft of the season. It was a 0.5PPR 10 team league. Yahoo standard settings. I drafted out of the 6 hole and would love to hear peoples thoughts on my team. I got a B- grade from yahoo and am projected to finish 7th out of 10 but I feel my roster is solid.

Heres my roster

QB Alex SMith
RB David Johnson
RB Joe Mixon
WR Michael Thomas
WR DOug Baldwin
TE Travis Kelce
FLEX Lamar Miller
DST Pittsburgh
K Matt Prater
BN Josh Gordon
BN Demaryius Thomas
BN Randall Cobb
BN Robby Anderson
BN Tevin Coleman
BN Aaron Jones

I feel the depth at RB is a bit thin but Coleman and Jones have huge upside if they become the starters. Do you think I need to trade a WR for a RB though?

Love to hear the thoughts.

I just looked at the free agent group and noticed that Jamaal Williams was not even drafted and is available. Should I grab him and drop someone to grab the GB backfield as I feel whomever is the starter could be a RB1 each week.

You got lucky to grab Johnson at number 6. That’s a steal.

I agree. I was thinking I’d be able to grab Barkley but then he went #2 and it was followed by Bell Zeke and Brown.