First Dynasty Draft

Dobbins or Akers and why? Full PPR

Just need a little RB depth.

Dobbins is probably more talented but Akers seems to have the better opportunity to start. Not sure what to think.

Dobbins, on the much higher powered offense, and akers isn’t even that much closer to starting, still has to deal with henderson and brown. Dobbins will for sure be the starter beginning next year and will be a huge asset with lamar.

Dobbins and it isn’t all that close

I took Dobbins.

I now have an offer for Gollady and 21 3rd rounder for Montgomery and slayton.

Full PPR

My RB: Barkley, Cook, Kamara, Montgomery, Dobbins, Bonnafon, Mattison

WR: Tyreek, Godwin, Amari, JuJu, Mike Williams, tyrell Williams, Lazard, Slayton

I’m pretty much set at WR but feel like that price is way too good.

Good idea or no?

Accept that deal immediately

It would be silly not to right?

I can probably spin one of those WR for a couple of picks or another RB that could potentially breakout.

I have another offer of Ridley for my 21 first round pick (should be 8-10). Should I take that one too or only take one?

I would take both offers. Then deal a wide receiver for a good running back

Late first round pick next year you would hope ends up being as good as Ridley.

I negotiated the Golladay trade a little.

I gave up Montgomery and Mike Williams
I received Golladay and 3.03 and 3.08. I took Antonio Gibson with the 3.03.

I took the ridley trade too.

Right now my RB and WR look like

RB: Barkley, Kamara, Cook, Mattison, Bonnafon, Dobbins, Gibson

WR: Tyreek, Amari, Godwin, Golladay, Ridley, JuJu, Slayton

Thanks for the help!

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