First Dynasty league. Need Advice!

Im in a dynasty startup draft for the first time. I already a made a trade and moved up. I had the last pick in the draft.

First move i made was trading my 3rd round pick and my 1st rounder next year to get another 1st rounder this year.

Started my draft with Najee, Watson, and Dak.

Would you trade a 4th, 7th, and a 3rd pick next year for a second rounder this year?

Its a superflex 3 wr, TE premium with a 3RR draft format so curious what you guys think about the above trade?

Instead of trading up now trade back and collect more picks in those early rounds. Think of all the talent that’s gonna be there with all the QBs going so early.


I agree with @Titans33 on this. I very rarely trade up in drafts. Sliding back is more my move to acquire more picks. There is so much talent in 4-7 that getting picks there is where I try to stockpile. I’d rather two shots in that range than paying up to get one earlier pick.

FWIW, I try to look at who I’m giving up as opposed to what I’m getting. Then see if I think the one earlier player will vastly outplay the pieces I’m passing on. If that makes sense? It’s tough, and I do not always stand firm, but try to remove the nameplate and simply look at points. I know last year doesn’t promise anything this year, but typically you’ll find there’s not really that much point differential.