First Dynasty Trade

First Dynasty league and was looking for opinions on a trade I was offered.

Jalen Hurts

Kyler Murray
Isaiah Spiller

I’ve got Barkley and Gibson as my starting RB’s and no depth aside from rookies - Spiller, Pierce, Abram Smith and Tyler Badie (I know, I got a little trigger happy with rookie picks, but didn’t see any value in RB where I was drafting so went upside)

Any thoughts or opinions welcome. Thanks in advance everyone.

I wouldn’t do it. Not sure how CEH Rojo situation is going to look. Also Kyler > Hurts in dynasty imo.

Also advice for my trade?

Rashod Bateman
Dawson Knox

Trading away:
Amari Cooper
Brevin Jordan

Current team:
WR- jamarr chase, Mike evans, Keenan Allen, Darnell Mooney, Amari Cooper
TE- Kittle, Gesicki, Brevin Jordan

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You’ll be stacked at WR getting Bateman, not a big fan of Knox, but he’s definitely a solid backup TE for you. Plus I’m down on Cooper so looks like a good trade in my eyes. Hate to have to give up Jordan before seeing what he can do this season, but small price to pay.

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Ps. I said no to the offer and he countered with



Hasan Haskins

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Thanks for the advice! And personally Haskins added wouldn’t change if for me. I like spiller more and by time Haskins is relevant Malik Willis (more of a runner) could be under center.

Also In year 1 of dynasty I’d try to avoid big trades. See what you’re working with first.

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Thanks, I think I’ll do that. Let things play out before making any serious moves.