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First Dynasty

I’ve been wanting to be in a dynasty league for a few years. This is the year I’ll do it. I’m thinking of creating a 10-12 man PPR dynasty league. Rules will be pretty much the standard rules everyone has none for quite some time now. My friend and I were wanting to co-own a team in this league, and maybe have all of the 10-12 teams have 2+ co-owners as well. What do you guys think? Would anyone be wanting to be apart of a league like that? Or a regular dynasty start up this year? Buy in probably $20-25

Welcome to the Fantasy FootBallers Forum @SmorTheMerrier!

Excited for you to start your dynasty adventure. I’m in several already.

Couple pieces of advise:

  • Seek out and create thorough bylaws
  • Use MFL as a platform

Good luck!!

If you’re still doing this i would like to be in it!

If you haven’t filled the roster yet I’d be interested in joining🙏🏽

Yes I would be interested in a spot bhsox35@yahoo.ca

I would not use MFL as a platform. Sleeper is the best dynasty platform out there and is easily accessable by the phone. I dont know because I dont have the app but MFL seems a little behind times.

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I’m thinking of starting a super flex league if you are intrested? Looking for 12 teams.

If you are still doing this I would like to join is there are any spots left

Link to the 12 team sflex if anyone in this thread is interesting. Will be putting bylaws together over the next couple days and flexible. Will do a combined rookie pick and vet start up draft.

Civilkid - I’m potentially interested in joining your startup. I would be curious to look at the bylaws and league buy-in before making a final decision.

No worried man buy in is going to be $30 per year ($60 at start up to cover future draft pick trading). Planning to finish bylaws in the next 24 hours on a Google doc.


Awesome - the buy-in and bylaws look good to me. I’m in for the league. Only thing I might suggest considering is adding TE premium (e.g. 1 or 1.5 ppr for TE to help balance positions). But even if nothing changed, I would still be in for the league!

Sweet! The sleeper link above should still be active. I’m flexible either way honestly. I might just run a vote on sleeper once we get 12.

Sounds good! I joined.