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First ever draft in PPR it's a half point .5 please rate my team


12 Team .5 PPR

QB - Andy Dalton
WR - Michael Thomas
WR - Martavis Bryant
RB - David Johnson
RB - Kareem Hunt
TE - Rudolph
FLEX - Fitzgerald

Bench - Devante Parker
Bench - Eric Decker
Bench - Donte Moncrief
Bench - Derrick Henry
Bench - Robby Anderson
Kicker - Matt Prater
Defense - Ravens


How did you get David and Michael Thomas? You will win a lot of games with that team.


Thanks! I hope so. I got lucky I guess. My first team ever playing PPR. How can I improve my team?


Try and make trades for some RB depth. Making Moncrief or Decker for a RB on the bench barring any injury.


That is a really, really strong team, with the one significant exception of RB depth. Only having three on the roster (3 I really like, btw) is reeaaaally risky, considering one of them isn’t the starter, and the significant injury risk RBs pose.


I noticed I only listed 5 bench spots in my post and therefore forgot all about Doug Martin. Does this change your opinion of lack of RB depth? I know he is suspended the first 3 games and now after the Bucs vs. Dolphins game is being cancelled week 1, I won’t have him back till week 5. But I will have him eventually. Please let me know what you think, thanks!


Thanks again for taking the time guys, ya’ll are awesome!


I noticed I only listed 5 bench spots in my post as an error and therefore forgot all about Doug Martin but he won’t play till the 5th week.


It does. Still pretty thin, but definitely better.


Definitely decent. Don’t listen to all the talk about thin at RB, yes 5 is ideal but I don’t think some ppl realize how hard certain leagues are to get 5 rb’s that actually matter. In my 10 man i could either reach for a rb i’d rather not play anyway or keep scooping up elite WR’s that I can always trade for an RB later. if you have 4 that don’t suck you’re good. IMO if you’re needing something beyond top 3 your season is in jeopardy of failure anyway.


I agree that 4 is fine, if they’re all solid. My concern is that it’s actually 3 for the first 4 weeks, and one of the 3 doesn’t have a guaranteed work load. That is thin. I love literally all of those backs (I have Martin and Henry on the same team in several leagues), but I’d feel better with one more, even if it’s a lower end guy (Burkhead, Quiz, Hill etc). I certainly wouldn’t drop anyone of note to do it, but Anderson may be expendable, of anyone interesting is available (Burkhead especially is interesting, and somehow still fairly widely unowned).