First game for guice

Derrius Guice suffered a knee injury in Thursday’s preseason matchup against the [New England Patriots]

[Ian Rapoport] of NFL Network reported Guice will undergo an MRI on Friday.

par for the course

If it’s bad, they still have Fat Rob…lol

not so fat rob. He dropped 20 pounds this year

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He helped me to the championship a couple of years ago, of course I lost… but he helped get me there. 5-10 229lbs. ain’t terrible. The hair has got to add on 10lbs? Excuse me, does this hair make my butt look big?

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Guice is done for the season. I hate preseason.

So ridiculous . guess Penny moves up

Wasn’t impressed with Kelley or Perine after Guice came out of the game… and Thompson still not back from the leg injury… Gonna be an ugly backfield.

man. Washington is cursed

Dan Snyder sucks