First Keeper League, Need Help!

Hello all, so our league is transitioning to a keeper league. This year we are only keeping one player (I argued for more, but whatever) and that player has to have been drafted outside of the top three rounds. Last year my team was horrendous, however, I had a few gems. They are Russell Wilson, Kareem Hunt, and Stefon Diggs. I was leaning on Hunt, although after doing some research, it sounds as if his volume will decrease and that KC will have more mouths to feed this year. I like the Wilson pick because he’s solid and I know what I’m getting, however, QB’s can be found almost anywhere, but I like the eliteness of Wilson. Any help would be appreciated.

I go with Hunt here, Sure he is going to have some competition in the backfield, but he is still a starter and he is young, so you could hold on to him for a while. As far as Wilson is concerned you could still grab him in the 4th round or so but Hunt will go at either the end of the first or first part of the second. Just my thoughts.

Yea, Hunt. Lock up a top 10 RB.

Hunt and it’s not even close. Stop buying into the false narrative that he’s somehow going to lose 40% of his touches to an inferior talent. If you watched the man play, he was an absolute animal last year. And if Reid wasn’t a walrus and fed him like he should have for that drought period of 4-5 games, this dude would’ve had 2k yards from scrimmage and we wouldn’t even be talking about any of this non sense. Add hunt comfortably to your roster and know you have a solid RB1 with massive ceiling from week to week.

hunt all day. QBs are not worth keeping in almost any situation, and i would rather have hunt over diggs. add in that he is an RB1 over talent, with a floor of RB16 overall. besides an injury, there is nothing stopping him from being a solid guy (which is what i have him at, being a solid RB10) besides hype for ware, who was a backup forced into a starters roll. if you happen to be one of the ones to buy into that hype, i wouldnt worry. he was at a 65% timeshare as it was last year, and still ended up RB3 overall. maybe as low as RB5 in some formats but either way he got it done.