First Keeper Season

Our league decided to convert to a keeper league. I have the choice between keeping Le’veon Bell or Ezekiel Elliot. The thing that worries with Bell is no training camp and where will be here after this year and he older. The thing that worries me with Elliott is if Dak struggles and they choose to run more, any defense playing them will just have to concentrate on stopping the run, but Elliott is still a beast and hes the younger running back. Need help i’m leaning Elliott what do you guys think? thank for any suggestions .

In a single keeper league I only focus on next season. What Lev Bell does after Pitts doen’t affect my decision.

Is is PPR? Is there a keeper penalty?

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Its a non ppr and no keeper penalty.

As others have said, don’t worry about the 2019 season (or later) when making your keeper choice today. Especially in a single keeper, no penalty league. So much changes, and you could find yourself with a clear RB1 out of one of this year’s rookies (like Kamara last season), meaning you don’t mind if 2018 suddenly was Lev’s final year in the league. So…

Other than the worry of a slow start to the season, Lev Bell has the benefit of a (virtually) guaranteed high-powered, high-scoring offense that is going to force feed him the ball in good situations.

Zeke, on the other hand, is going to be “running up hill” as the clear focus of a spotty offense with questionable support from his receivers. It’s just tough to reliably count on your RB to produce too much when his team is playing from behind.

Non-PPR takes away the pleasant bonus of the receptions… but not the receiving yards or TDs. Conservatively, that’s probably a bonus of an additional 300yds and maybe 3 TDs for Lev over Zeke (+48pts).

People will try to hammer home that Zeke is THE workhorse for his team – but both he and Lev traditionally end up with around 70% of their teams’ carries over the course of the season. which is the traditional high-water mark for the league. Trying to force a prediction of higher numbers from a back finds a cap because of this… along with the other number in the equation: total team carries. And that number is closely tied to a team’s win total. Vegas currently has Dallas at 8.5 wins (I’d take the under), and Pitt at 10.5 wins.

So… yeah. Lev. And it’s not close for me.