First League Filled so Fired up a 2nd

12 team 0.5 ppr keeper league
$60 buy in
$500 and Championship Belt to 1st place
$100 to 2nd place

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interested - details?

12 team 0.5 ppr keeper league on sleeper
Ballers Preferred scoring
$60 buy in
1st place $500 and championship belt
2nd place $100
If interested just need your Username on sleeper


ramel is my name on sleeper

What are the keeper details?

Also interested in Keeper/Roster details and scoring system. Just heard Jason prefers 25yd/1pt for qb rushing so just wanna make sure I know what i’m getting into.

I’m also super interested! If there’s any more spots let me know!

3 Keeper each year

It’s still 1 point per 10 rushing yards. basic scoring except for 6 points for passing TDs, 0.1 point per completion, 0.1 point per rushing attempt, half ppr.

We are currently in middle of slow draft in Franchise 1, Franchise 2 is filled and Draft will start once Franchise 1 Draft is Complete. At that point I will be starting Franchise 3

I’m game. Sleeper username ericgoodnow.

Got it. Franchise 1&2 are filled I’ll notify you when 3 is fired up


Any idea when League three is starting up?

Yeah I would be interested too if you start another league.

Also interested for Franchise 3. Sleeper @ luckofthechuck

I am currently working on league 3. Drafting is almost complete in league 2. I have noted everyone interested and I will reach out to you when it’s ready to go

Have an orphan team in league 1. Owner left for unknown reason. Let me know if anyone is willing to take the team.

I’d take that team!