First Pick Decisions

Just got my draft pick at 8, probably the one spot I didn’t want. Just based off of mock drafts and knowing my league I’m most likely looking at have Saquan being available, but I really don’t want to touch him. I’m looking at other RB options such as Chubb, JT, and even Ekeler who I’m a huge fan of. I’m also considering taking one of the top WRs. Any thoughts on this pick?

You are right, those picks in the 7-9 range are kind of the fantasy badlands this season, and you’re plopped right in the center of that range. Better luck next year.

The one thing I WOULDN’T do is take Kelce. The positional advantage it gives you at TE doesn’t make up for the positional DISadvantages it puts you in at every other starting position. I wouldn’t consider Taylor (at best an RB2 this season) or Ekeler (career high 3 rushing TDs? no thanks) in the first round either.

HOPEFULLY you have one or two dullards in your league who reach for Patrick Mahomes or want Antonio Gibson third overall or something, and Aaron Jones falls to you, but if not, then yeah, it’s probly Barkley or Hill/Adams.

The Giants just cut Alfred Morris after signing him earlier in camp, so I think they feel ok about Barkley coming back. Now, whether he’s going to be effective behind their offensive line remains to be seen (remember, last year before he got hurt he had 34 rushing yards on 19 attempts–with a long of 18, so like 18 for 16 yards other than that), but it seems the injury concern is minimal.

I’d probly still start out Barkley and Najee Harris in the 2nd if I could, because I don’t see that much difference between Adams or Diggs and guys I can get in the 3rd-5th rounds, like Lamb and Woods–but there are some later RB values to be had too (Carson, Davis, Damien Harris) if you decide to start out with a WR in one or both of the first rounds.

This was a really insightful response. I’m coming around on Barkley but I’m holding out hope someone falls to me, my league once saw Matt Stafford go in the first round. Najee was someone else I was targeting for my second pick. Thanks!

Just some extra thoughts, I had never gone WR in the first before last year I had Adams, he was well worth the first round pick and I never thought that would have been.

If you do go with the WR you may need to force 2nd and 3rd at RB which could get a little dicey but having one of the top 3 WR really does sustain the points if your only comparing with RB’s 5-10 which is what you’d have with the Taylor, Ekeler types.

Mixon, Najee, Clyde, Carson are the guys I’m looking for after the first as well

I dont love it but I’m sitting at 8 in a 12 man and having a lot of similar thoughts.

That’s the strategy I’ve come up with if I go WR first as well. You are absolutely right about the RBs in the 3rd. Not many desirable options there.

Chris Carson is a top 10 RB you can get in the 3rd, sometimes even into the 4th.