First pick in Dynasty Start-Up

Hey I am in an 8 team dynasty Startup Full PPR with some folks and I ended up with the first draft pick. I’m trying to decide on who I should take #1 overall and I can’t seem to find the episode where the ballers talked about it. Do you remember the episode or have any thoughts on who you would grab #1 overall?

I would go Gurley or Elliot

Yeah that’s what I was thinking, both come with risks with Zeke never know if he’s gonna ray rice it, and Gurley not sure if it was a one year type of season or not, but I lean Gurley bc of the reception count.

Gurley for sure. Everyone else in the conversation has been injured, suspended or both.

Nuk all the way!!!
With only 8 owners, you can get two really good RBs in the turn (probably Cook and Gordon)

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OBJ or Deandre Hopkins are most people’s top picks. Gurley isn’t a stretch for 1 if you like him. If it’s only 8 man I’d punt qb very late, unless it’s a superflex.

Ya it’s a 1QB league with like 7 RB/WR/TE starting positions

OBJ and it shouldn’t be close.

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Really? Is that just because receivers tend to last longer so OBJ has like 9-10 seasons left and Gurley has like 4-5? It’s my first time in a dynasty league so trying to learn and strategize before next week’s slow draft. And you don’t have concerns about Eli or OBJ injury?

I think you could make an argument for Nuk, OBJ, and Gurley. Don’t think one is way closer than the others.

Just realizing for some reason they put rushing touchdowns as 7 points and receiving TDS at 6 points, I’m not sure why, but I really don’t think it effects the dynasty rank of those top 3 guys too much.

That’s certainly a big part of it. WRs generally hold more value than RBs. I also think that Beckham is just that good. Mark him down for 90+ receptions, 1300+ yards and 10 tds every year. Think 25 year old Antonio Brown.

The only concern is injury, and I’d be more worried about a major injury with an RB than a WR. I would understand Hopkins, but I don’t think he’s quite at the Odell/Brown/Julio level, from a talent persective (I think his #1 finish this last year would have been 12th over the last 4 years – if I’m remembering the stat right), so I definitely wouldn’t do that.

Totally in line with @DFWB on this. OBJ and fill in after that. Those RBs will be good no doubt but OBJ had away longer shelf life and his talent is a buzz word only seemingly used for RBs.