First pick in keeper draft HELP!


I have the first pick in our 3 keeper league. I didn’t have much to choose from so keeping Beckham, devontae adams & stuck between carlos hyde & derek henry. 12 man league 3 keepers so 36 of the best nfl players already gone when draft starts. This is who will be available that makes sense. who would you take? I’m leaning towards Fournette.

Leonard Fournette
Marshawn Lynch
Dez Bryant
Greg Olson
Jimmy graham
tyreek hill
dalvin cook’
christian mccaffrey

Since it is a 3 keeper league, I personally would go for one of the three rookie RB’s.

I personally would go
1.) Fournette
2.) McCaffrey
3.) Cook

TE’s are easier to come by and it looks like you are already keeping 2 WR’s. I also would keep Henry over Hyde. If Demarco Murray gets injured this year, Henry is an automatic RB1. Henry also looked lights out in the pre-season game yesterday.

I agree with you sir. Thanks for the feedback