First Pick in my Keeper League

Full PPR. Standard Roster.

My keepers are Mixon and Jacobs. I have the first pick. Ive asked a similar question before but now I have a clear view of all available options

Notable available players:

Up until now I was just planning on taking CEH but with 2 stud RBs already, would you consider Kelce or Julio here to bring balance to the roster? It’s a 10 team league so Carson and Conner would both almost definitely be there by my 2nd pick as well. Who would you pick?

It depends on you feelings on advantages at position groups. What’s the drop of CEH vs Carson as flex and 2 bye weeks (both your rbs) vs the drop of kelce vs any other TE not named kittle?
Those would be the only 2 names I would consider at 1.1 and only if you want to balance. Lamar will likely regress this year and julio doesn’t give the same advantage week to week either of them will.
I would go CEH… then Carson if he’s there at the second you could have your rbs all year or for one play…

I forgot to mention our keepers are just straight up. You dont lose draft picks for them. I don’t mind starting with CEH for a RB trio but I tried the 4RB start before and it’s annoying to livr and die by WR streaming lol

I’m assuming someone else is keeping CMC/Michael Thomas/Davante Adams? I would definitely go with CEH or Julio. You can probably get Kelce/Kittle/Lamar with your 2nd/3rd round picks

Yeah the only guys not being kept that Id consider first pick are the ones listed… and they should all be gone by my 2nd pick… you gotta imagine 20 guys are already off the board right out the gate… the draft essentially starts at the first pick of the 3rd round. By the time it comes back to me Im looking at players with ~50th overall ADP. The only reason Kelce, Julio and lamar are available is becaue their owners had 2 good RBs worth keeping. Theyll all be gone in the first couole picks

Really it’s either gonna be CEH or Kelce… Based on ADP I can see one of 4 scenarios for my first 5 guys:

  1. Mixon, Jacobs, CEH, Andrews, Ridley
  2. Mixon, Jacobs, CEH, Ridley, Chark
  3. Mixon, Jacobs, Kelce, Ridley, Chark
  4. Mixon, Jacobs, Kelce, Conner/Carson, Ridley

Which of these cores looks the most appealing?

I kinda like the idea of taking CEH, and seeing what falls to you in the next few rounds for WRs. If Carson and Conner are projected there, I imagine some decent WR’s are too. I just think there’s more WR depth in general after that top tier is gone than there is startable RBs.

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I’ve been running some custom mocks and taking CEH there just seems like the right move. I can consider Andrews at the first turn if he falls and I still have options like Woods, Ridley, Chark available as well… I could even wait until the double digit rounds to take 2TEs like Jonnu and Jarwin (I like to take 2 TEs if I go the speculative late rounder route and cut one early). With the 3 stud RBs I don’t feel pressured into RB at any point. I’ll take Gibson and/or Moss at a value and take someone like Breida, Boston Scott, or Chris Thompson in the late rounds. Just sprinkle in WRs that I like when I see them. Cam in rounds 10-12.

Absolute worst case scenario where my draft falls apart. I should have 3 stud RBs to build a roster with… and good WRs pop up on waivers early every season.

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