First Pick in PPR Keeper League Advice

I’m the second overall pick in my keeper league so I’m assuming Najee Harris will go first.

My current keepers are Lamar Jackson, Antonio Gibson, Keenan Allen, Darrell Henderson.

Since Henderson will only be good for the season as a keeper when Akers comes back I want to try and draft another potential top keeper RB.

So it looks like my options will be JK Dobbins, Chase Edmonds, James Robinson, Mike Davis, Javonte Williams. Who should I lean to on this list?

Or do I look to pick up a top WR that gets dropped…Terry Mclaurin, Robert Woods, Brandon Aiyuk?

I would only consider Dobbins and Williams from that group, and Williams we haven’t even seen yet. Aiyuk should be a solid top 10ish WR for years to come, though.

So I guess it would be between Dobbins and Aiyuk, depending on how you feel about them. I don’t particularly like Dobbins as much as most do for this season, but he’s unarguably a solid dynasty prospect.

Well now the tables have turned with Dobbins being out. I’m now leaning towards Gaskin since he will be a potential keeper. If I draft James Robinson or Gus Edwards who are projected higher than Gaskin I’ll have two one year rentals with Darrell Henderson and Edwards/Robinson.

In a tough spot.