First Pick Keeper League

Full PPR. 2 Keepers (straight up, no draft pick trade-off). Standard Roster.

I got first pick but still have time to decide on my keepers…
My choices are Josh Jacobs, Joe Mixon, and Lamar Jackson… Normally I’d just go with the 2 RBs, but knowing I have the first pick makes me consider Lamar… Options available to draft would be CEH and probably Julio (His owner would need to trade him for a pick).

Keep both RBs and draft CEH anyway?
Keep Both RBs and draft Julio over CEH?
Keep one of the RBs and Lamar… Draft CEH?

What would you do?

No round penalty involved, I would lean Jacobs, Mixon, then draft CEH. Then forget about RB til later and just load up on some WR’s if this is only a 1QB league

I agree with @MKlossing, grab those nasty RBs then load up on Wrs in the 3,4,5 rounds, there is plenty of WR talent this year, RBs are extremely scarce this year.

Yep 1QB league. I have the RBs locked in now just wondering if I should do something fancy lol. It never hurts to have too many RBs I suppose. There were a few later middle round PPR backs I was looking at but I wouldnt love relying on that if one of my main guys goes down.

@jakemm55, load up on the WR’s early then still snag a couple of those PPR upside type backs later on