First Pick uncertainty

Got the first pick, wanting to take David Johnson, the guy is a monster, 2000 yd and 20 tds(!!) last time he played. Coming off a wrist injury and now has a better qb. Am i crazy or is there reason to think he is the best and to avoid bell for a slow start, and possibly avoid Gurleys slight regression.

Yeah but the offensive line is still trash. I’m keeping DJ in my keeper league with 9th pick in the first round, but that O Line has me worried this year a little bit. I think you have to go Gurley. Gurley’s regression could still put up more points than DJ this year.

I don’t think you’re necessarily wrong to take Johnson 1st, but I’d test the market a bit. See if the guy with the 3rd round pick is willing to give up anything to move up 2 spots for that coveted first pick. even if it’s an 11th rounder for a 10th rounder, it’s something and you’ll wind up with the same player anyway.

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I have the same situation. I took Johnson last year which obviously didn’t work out, so struggling with taking him again behind a bad O-Line. Leaning heavily towards Gurley this year.

After watching his preseason highlights and now having a first overall pick myself, I might even back off my previous comment. I’m serious contemplating taking him first overall now