First post! Buy OJ Howard + D. Henry vs. Ingram + M.Andrews?

Not sure why but not super high on Ingram going forward, and Henry really surprises me season to date. I have the Wallerus on my bench and wondering if the drop from Andrews is worth the step up from ingram to henry? Half ppr league.
Thabks footclan!!

Nope I like Ingram Andrew’s side much better. Oj has performed and the way arians uses te’s I csnt trust him and henry just doesnt seem to be legit to me, he was saved by a td last night w/o that he had a bad game. Also to the eyeball test Henry just looked slow and bad.

probably won’t do it mainly because of andrews, but completely on another page fpr henry. Looks exactly like end of last season (which I initially did not buy in) to my eye ball. Just got a couple holding run called back, amd what actually worries me is more getting game scripted out more than being slow and bad