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First post ever - Value drafting strategy with under-rated WRs


I am in Melbourne, Oz - and going into my 3rd season ever - this is my first post on the forums. I am in a 12 person standard scoring league with 6-pt QB; 2 RB; 2 WR; 1 TE; 1 Flex; K; D

My strategy is to draft for value - which for the most part is the picking up the best available player / tier per the Fantasy Football UDK. My problem is that my league consistently values WR lower than the UDK - so if I am drafting for value then I end up over-drafting WRs (which it what I did last year, which combined with Jamaal Charles as my #1 RB pick sunk my season).

So is maintaining balance (particularly RBs) more important than value? Do I need to make sure I get my RB1 and RB2 high, even if there are WRs showing with much greater value on the board?


Yes… Always adjust rankings depending on what your league tends to do.

My league tends to undervalue QBs… So instead of taking Rodgers in the 3rd round I know I can wait till 4th or 5th… So I take value in the 3rd.

So if your league devalues WR… Take a WR a round later than you would normally… Or that the rankings say you should…


Thanks Frosty, makes sense.


you go off of tiers, and pick for value the first 3 rounds. after that, its value and your team needs. you just have to make sure you pick smart at RB if you go WR your first three picks. dont pick high risk RBs, maybe go for some rookies to possibly catch some lighting in a bottle. or, if you are lucky, you just get the number 1 pick, take david johnson, and dont have to worry about it. now, lets say you are at pick 12, if im in that spot i look to take a top RB and a top WR usually. especially if i know there will be a huge run at RB in my league. so its a variance of everything. you draft off of what you know, and what you can predict. i know so and so players value is high, but i know that my league will not value so and so as high. so i know i can let him drop, and take player X to cover another need, and let player so and so fall back to me.


i’m in a similar league. i’m going off projections and will let risk be my ‘coin flip’. like quality depth at rb and looks like some upside wr’s are going late (k benjamin. parker…). if i end up with 4 rb’s the 1st 4 picks. so be it.