First rookie draft - thoughts on drops

I started my first dynasty team last year and have my first rookie draft coming up. I need to drop players to pick up rookies - have 3 drops clear, but struggling with the 4th.

Roster screenshot below. Thinking I’ll drop Will Grier, JD MicKissic, and probably Trey Quinn. Feels like my squad is a bit short of WRs.

If I needed to drop a 4th, who would you go for. Fells isn’t anything special but nice to have as a depth piece (seemed to be a red-zone target last season). Goodwin has opted out so maybe him? The only other option I can think of would be Arcega-Whiteside. The ballers seem to be pretty down on him? I was thinking he’s a good keep though as he was a 2nd round pick last year, and given the camp noise seems to be in-line for a sophomore boost…


Don’t even need to see your roster to say definitely Goodwin. He’s 29 right now, opted out so that means he won’t see the field again till age 30, and that’s assuming he can even make the roster. Don’t think he’ll be relevant again and is the clear cut drop. I also own him in my dynasty league and we’ve changed our settings to allow the DNP players on IR (for opt-out players due to covid) so that’s where he’s sitting right now for me but if i need to use his slot for a hurt player or if i need to activate someone from my Taxi, he’ll be my first drop.


What is the starting lineup requirement for this league?