First Round Draft Issue I think A lot Will See

My league is 14 team standard keeper. Gurley and Elliott are both kept.

Other Keepers: Hopkins, Hunt, Diggs

I have the 3rd overall and have kept Thielen for a 6th rounder.

The Question…who to take! I can assume the first two picks will be Bell and DJ. So in a standard league do you take Kamara, A. Brown, Fournette, Barkley, or someone else? I am really torn here.

I think you have to go RB in this situation since you have Thielen as a keeper. I would put them in this order:

  • Fournette
  • Kamara
  • Barkley
  • AB (Is only last because you have a WR that is a stud)

If you were to go AB you would most likely have the best WR duo but then you are waiting 20+ picks to come back around for your first RB in a league that most likely has a bunch of RB already kept. That is a long time to wait on your first RB. If you go RB first and start with Thielen and Fournette you basically can go best available from there on.

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Agreed, I would be killer at WR with Antonio Brown in the first round, but in the second my best option is going to be like Alex Collins, Lamar Miller, or Jay Ajayi.

Interesting that you have Fournette over the others.

I’d go with Barkley.